> 5-man party
     > ill-tempered barbarian
       > stoic mwangi priest of pharasma
       > people-shy witch
       > impatient elf sorcerer
       > good/evil black/white half-orc paladin
       > priest and sorcerer on errand
       > orc, barbarian & witch looking for bad guy staying in town
       > find his hotel
       > find out he travels w/two dwarves and some woman
       > investigate hotel bar
       > few people, amongst them one dwarf having a drink
       > half-orc paladin asks him: "Do you fight for light, or darkness?"
       > dwarf refuses to answer, pays for drink, walks outside
       > half-orc follows at a distance
       > barbarian joins
       > roll perception check for dwarf
       > 19
       > dwarf hears orc, speeds up, crosses street
       > orc starts running
       > dwarf starts running
       > hemustbetheone.jpg
       > priest and sorcerer walking around in there same area, returning from their errand
       > they turn corner
       > dwarf crashes into sorcerer
       > doesn't fall down
       > sorcerer casts grease in front of dwarf
       > dwarf crashes
       > barbarian catches up, grapples dwarf
       > slips off
       > half-orc catches up as well, lunges for dwarf
       > slips in grease
       > crowd of onlookers
       > dwarf starts running again
       > priest casts hold person
       > dwarf paralyzed
       > again grappled by barbarian
       > will save against paralysis
       > frees himself
       > half-orc tries to get up
       > dc 14
       > rolls 3
       > keeps slipping in grease
       > meanwhile, elf uses color spray on dwarf
       > dwarf is stunned
       > barbarian is blinded and stunned
       > 8 onlookers pass out
       > half-orc tries to get up again
       > rolls 3 again
       > barbarian still blinded
       > dwarf comes to, runs
       > sorcerer uses mage hand to hold water melon in his path
       > crit
       > dwarf hits ground
       > priest grapples
       > success!
       > dwarf frees himself
       > barbarian grapples
       > success!
       > dwarf frees himself
       > + 9 CMB/CMD 21
       > dwarf runs
       > half-orc tries to get up once more
       > rolls 3
       > crowd laughs and claps
       > 2 city guards looking at all the ruckus
       > 4 grown men trying to catch greased up dwarf
       > barbarian grapples again
       > dwarf frees himself
       > half-orc finally gets up!
       > tries to get in front of dwarf
       > elf is fed up
       > shoots acid arrow at running dwarf
       > shoots dwarf in back
       > dwarf yells in pain
       > grabs axe
       > slashes at orc
       > 19 dmg
       > oshit.jpg
       > priest doesn't really know why the party is chasing this dwarf
       > assumes he's evil and without
       > casts murderous command to confuse him for one turn
       > will save
       > roll 1
       > dwarf is confused
       > runs at elf
       > axe raised
       > passes elf
       > goes for guards
       > swings axe
       > oshit.jpg.png
       > natural 20
       > (1d10 + 9) x 3
       > roll 8
       > splits cityguard in half 
     > mfw the dwarf was just a random LG/NG

     > mfw the cityguard had a family

     > mfw noone but the priest understands why
       this happened

     > mfw the elf thinks it were his acid  
       arrows driving  the dwarf over the edge,
     > mfw the elf colour-sprayed innocent

     > mfw anxiety and self-doubt overcome the

     > mfw eternal regret fills the priest

     > mfw pharasma disapproves of his actions   

     > mfw he turns himself in as the murderer

     > regretfest.jpg
     > mfw this leads the half-orc to trying to
       join in in giving up his priest friend so
       he can leave jail
     > mfw when the barbarian doesn't give a
       fuck about any of this

     > mfw the witch was back in the hotel the
       whole time actually  finding some useful
       leads and clues

     > mfw wikia doesn't have green text 

     > mfw wikia refues to line up correctly

     > spengbab.mp6

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